Invalid word list:
  1. Abbreviations like cm, kg or sec.
  2. Acronyms like NASA, ASAP or LOL.
  3. Excessive hipster slang. Take for example: Frado, kale, Instagram and all that vocabulary related to food photos.
  4. Personal sound effects like: Prushhhshs! (something falling into water)
  5. First & last names.
  6. Institutions.
  7. Onomatopoeias like KABOOM!
  8. Science's technical terminology, such as all the stuff you heard on Breaking Bad and all those words you can barely pronounce.
  9. Word contractions.
Why English?

Since early development stages, I was designed in English for one simple reason: laziness, or pure genius, call it what you like. The team need me to remain loyal to spelling. So, it turns out that English has all the attributes they were looking for to keep the game simple. Being native Spanish speakers at the studio, they thought about dieresis, accents and other obscure stuff and just got scared. Don't even get'em started with French or Mandarin.

By the way they're mexicans, and no, they don't drink tequila everyday. They like cheap mezcal better.

What about more languages?

The team is actually discussing-planning my future, and of course, the integration of more languages. It is a big job for a small studio like them, so please be patient. They are totally open to translation contributions.

Why do you have so many word restrictions?

Sorry buddy, I'm totally concerned about the subjectiveness of this matter, but focusing the team's effort and choosing one dictionary to be their guide made everything much simpler. They will add more words if the community asks begs for it.